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The leading global technology manufacturer, Huawei, is equally loved by the celebrities and general people, as a brand of high repute and the best quality products. Recently, it is reported that another big name, this time from the sports world, is going to be associated with Huawei. This is merely because of the consistent policies by Huawei to bring products with more emphasizing over customers’ demand and desires.


Reports have strongly gestured that the football star player Lionel Messi is going to be Huawei’s new global brand ambassador. This would indeed be a great news not only for the fans of the star player but also for the brand lovers across the world. Also, the official agreement signing ceremonies and the new break will be available in a few days, most probably in the current month. Initially, the agreement will be signed for the period of two years Important to note is the fact that here in Pakistan, Mr. Lionel Messi has a great fan following as well and this expected agreement will surely attract the consumer pool shift towards Huawei.

It is not too long when Huawei has started to link with sports, entertainment, and adventures all around the world and Huawei has been successful in this as well. Globally, the brand has been recognized massively with ever increasing growth rates. Moreover, only in the last year, launched some highly celebrated high technology smart phones and it has raised to the level of priority brand in international and national markets. The inclination of the consumer market and the celebrities is majorly due to the fact that Huawei offers supremely high-quality technology experience with a wide variety of products for all the segments of the market. Moreover, the peoples’ brand, that cares for its customers and address their needs most effectively.

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