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Slim sleek design, note touch pad, great pixel camera, and with many other more

features that will stun our mind here is the brand new galaxy note 7! Although its

detail have been leaked 2 week before the regular release , but thanks to the

rumors across the web, that has lead us not to stay unaware of its feature now!.

The press has released its features before the two weeks of the official release of

the phone launch.

But the great news is that the residents of dubai can pre-order it now and by

preordering it now u get a free 128GB micro SD card along with it! Isn’t the great?

The T-MOBILE would be taking these orders for the note 7 phone. The phone is

avalible in 3 colors cool baby blue, gold and silver. The pen looks the same

as before. The press leaks have revealed that there is nothing like what we

haven’t seen before!

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