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Through 20 years of enduring research & development, today Gree stands as the number 1 global air-conditioning enterprise; with 9 production bases, presence in 195 countries and global market share of 30% serving 300 million satisfied customers worldwide. GREE produces 60 million residential and 5.5 million commercial air-conditioners annually.

Achieving Annual Sales revenue of US 16.1 Billion Dollar in 2015

In 2015, Gree was recognized as the 385th most prestigious of Forbes Global 2000 Companies list – No. 1 in the household appliances category.


Some of the numerous international awards that Gree has been awarded include;

  • World Brand Award
  • The 22nd award for best read name “Rome”
  • 18th Gold Star of WQC (World Quality Summit) “Paris”
  • Quality Summit International Award for Excellence and Business Prestige “New York”


Whilst quality certifications include;

ISO9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001, AHRI, European Community CE, German GS, American UL, European EMC, Australia SAA, Canadian CSA, German TUV and many more.



Gree’s extensive product range comprises of 20 categories; over 12,700 models for residential air-conditioners and 1,000 models in commercial air-conditioners.


Gree has achieved its excellence in air conditioning through dedicated investment in high quality human resources pursuing innovation. It has invested over US$ 10 Billion in research & development of core technologies. Currently Gree employs more than 8,000 PhDs & engineers, operates 2 Technical Research Centers, 1 Industrial Design Center & Enterprise Lab, 7 technological institutions, 52 research testing centers and 630 special purpose labs.

Gree has 20,824 applied patents including 7,391 innovation patents, a testament to Gree’s status as the forerunner in air-conditioning technologies.


Gree’s promise and commitment is to deliver the finest quality, cutting edge technology and most efficient solutions & products to its customers worldwide.

DWP Group is the sole distributor of Gree Air Conditioners in Pakistan. It focuses to provide cutting edge technologies from world’s best engineered companies and research and development experts.

                             Gree, leading air-conditioning through innovation & technology

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