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The integration of satellite connectivity into smartphones has been a significant safety enhancement, initially pioneered by the iPhone and now making its way to Android devices. Recent indications suggest that Google Pixel phones are preparing to introduce a feature known as “Satellite SOS,” designed to enable users to reach emergency services even in scenarios where cellular or Wi-Fi signals are unavailable.

While the functionality is not yet fully functional, observant Pixel users may notice a “Satellite SOS” option within the “Safety & Emergency” settings section of their devices. Further examination, particularly by 9to5Google on rooted Pixel phones, has unveiled a detailed menu outlining the workings of the upcoming Satellite SOS feature. According to the disclosed information, Pixel users will be able to communicate with emergency services and share their precise location using Google Maps when conventional communication signals are absent.

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Google’s strategy for Pixel’s Satellite SOS involves gathering necessary personal data such as the user’s name, phone number linked to their Google account, and up to three designated emergency contacts. Moreover, critical information including the user’s location, device specifics, and details about the emergency will be transmitted to both emergency responders and satellite service providers.

While Google has not yet provided a definitive list of countries where Satellite SOS will be accessible, a reference to a Garmin Search and Rescue Insurance plan suggests Garmin’s involvement in the service. Although demo features are visible, they are not currently operational.

The exact timeline for the full rollout of Satellite SOS by Google remains uncertain. Nevertheless, the widespread presence of the setting across Pixel devices and the detailed menu accompanying it strongly suggest that a launch could be on the horizon.

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