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Huawei Band is a perfect companion and a fitness unit that helps the users to improve their daily routine life and, obviously, health. Huawei has designed the band in a wrist wearable and a high-tech device. The Huawei band is available in three different colors and in a highly stylish look. The craftiness by Huawei reaches its ultimate taste when one sees the Huawei Band. It has a smooth surface and a silky touch that encourages the desire of technology lover to have the masterpiece on his wrist.

Huawei Band fulfills the role of a personal master trainer. While having Huawei band on the wrist the user has 24 hours access to the scheduled routine of exercise and he can work out without easily as he does in the gym or with a personal trainer. Huawei band monitors the daily routine wisely and provide the feedback whenever needed by the user. Even it calculates the work out as well as sleep hours of the users.

Keeping in view the tough exercises and workouts usually adopted by the male users, Huawei has fitted the Huawei band with a protective scratch and break resistant PMOLED touch screen. The screen works in both ways; it provides the best user experience for the smooth touch as well as avoid accidental scratch and breaking of the screen. Moreover, Huawei Band is a dust and waterproof wearable that does not require extra care while one is on his routine workout. Hence the user can completely focus on his exercise as no harm will be there to the Band with water, sweating or dust.

So, now for the good and healthy routine, one must have a Huawei Band as his perfect company and a 24hour elegant personal trainer.

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