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Huawei Emerges as the fastest growing Brand among technology lovers on Social Media

According to the recent stats released by the globally acclaimed social media analysts, Social Bakers, Huawei Pakistan’s love ranking is increasing remarkably and it has successfully embarked upon the top position among the brands. Social Bakers, is a social media analytics and publishing company that provides social media management services and deep data analytics for brands marketed on social media platforms. They are the most trusted providers of social media analysis tools, statistics and metrics for Social communities like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Twitter.

The ranking released by Social Bakers and the fan growth graph, clearly shows that Huawei is progressing by leaps and bounds in the Pakistani community.

Last week, the stupendous increase in the followers on the Huawei Pakistan’s official page has certified that Huawei is the fastest growing page, as also shown in the graph given below.

The recent social and communicative activities conducted by Huawei have played an important role in the increasing fame of this brand. The Float campaign, which spread in numerous cities throughout Pakistan, was recently performed by Huawei. This campaign engaged the Pakistani community on a mass level and provided the people a chance to get in touch with the Huawei brand directly and know the products.Fastest Growing Brand Pages

With the launch of the Huawei’ latest sensational smart phone, Mate S, which is an exquisite wonder-gadget, Huawei’s popularity and sales have seen a significant boost in both international and local markets. The product excellence and customer-oriented services of Huawei have taken the brand to the seventh sky and helped it to set remarkable sale and growth benchmarks. Keeping in focus, the fast success of Huawei, it can be verily said that soon this innovative company will become the number one globally selling brand.

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