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Huawei has finally decided that it is going to launch the most awaited medium range smart phone, Huawei GR3 in Pakistan Market soon. According to Huawei’s official statement, the Huawei GR 3 will be launched in Pakistan market probably in the month of March 2016. GR3, also known as Tango, will be priced Rs. 25,499 only. It is the best affordable price for the high technology incorporated smart phone as compared to other brands in the market.

Huawei has presented a silky smooth and elegantly highly exquisite design for Huawei GR3. Huawei GR3 has an aircraft-graded aluminum alloy made unibody, that adds to the shine and perfect texture. Moreover, the only 7.6mm thickness of GR3 throws an impression of delicacy and esthetic taste of Huawei’s new smart phone model. And this is further added with finely creased edge linings to even compliment the perfectly streamlined structure and smooth feel.

Huawei GR3 will be available in three distinct but graceful colors; Silver, Gray, and Gold. Huawei GR3 weighs for only 135g and when it couples with the above mentioned three exciting color options, it will truly and remarkably satisfies the desire of glamorous and feather light high technology product.

Huawei GR3 offers an ultimate visual experience with 5.0” large screen and 720P high definition display, which perfectly produces vibrant colors. If one measure the screen to body ratio, it is 68%, means a larger screen to cover the most of the desired display quality.

Apart from these Huawei GR3 is fitted with the 13MP high-resolution camera and it is further added with a photosensitive area of 1/3.06 and BSI sensor that enables the best photography experience even in low light conditions. On the front end, GR3 offers a 5MP camera for quality selfies with more clear and real-time colors.

Overall, Huawei GR3 is a perfect smart phone at a surprising best affordable price. It will be great for the brand lovers the sooner this quality smart device reaches the market so that the fun can reach its heights.

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