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A wave of excitement has been raised by Huawei in this cricket season. To raise the excitement and thrill of this cricket season, and to serve its loyal customers, Huawei presents a remarkable price reduction against the purchase of Huawei’s best flagship smart phones, Huawei Mate 8. Customers can visit the nearest Huawei brand outlet to avail the cricket season offer and grab their Huawei Mate 8 in Rs. 6000/- discount on the total amount. The new prices for Huawei Mate8 High and Standard version are Rs. 63,999 and Rs. 54,999, respectively. Furthermore, this is a limited time offer that the customers actually cannot afford to miss in any case. The Huawei brand lovers will be offered with this price reduction from 3rd March till 3rd April 2016.

Huawei has been remarkably successful in capturing customer market around the world with the best of its high technology and superior quality products. Huawei offers consumers most advanced smart phone features and it has a tradition of progressively enhancing the consumer experience with respect to the latest technological innovations. Only in the previous year, 2015, Huawei has witnessed incredible growth of 44% in smart phones shipments across the global markets. Also in Pakistan, Huawei has been enjoying a huge consumer pool that in turn marked Pakistan as the third largest market with incredible growth rate after China and New Zeeland.

The success mantra of Huawei has always been to renovate the conception of smart technology and address the customer demand at the highest priority. Customer satisfaction level is a whole new thing to define when someone’s talking about the Huawei smart phones. Huawei combines the best and the most advanced technology, manufacturing designs and features based on customer needs and above all best affordable price in one place. Even a step ahead, Huawei has also offered some exciting entertainment and glamorous touch to its style of serving the consumers. Recently, Huawei has already sponsored Mr. Moin Khan for his campaign “My Huawei My Pakistan”.  And now Huawei has sponsored the Beacon House National University’s Bestival, and there are much more like these.

Huawei Mate 8 has incredible features of the 16MP best camera, highly efficient fingerprint scanner with multi-purpose usability options, classically exquisite design, and wonderfully vibrant color display of 6” inches. But the most amazing thing about Huawei Mate 8 is the powerful battery with large power storage capacity and ultra speed recharging features. Also, Huawei has manufactured the Mate 8 with Huawei-made kirin950 chipset that offers multiple combinations for the most efficient power consumptions and high performance simultaneously. Who wouldn’t want this piece of technology in their hands and at such a discounted price!

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