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Revealed at IFA, Berlin, Huawei significant flagship smart phone, Mate S has got a plethora of unique features. The Human-device interaction has been made more interesting and creative with the latest pressure sensitive touch and advanced fingerprint technology. The users can now control their smart phones, using their knuckles or fingerprints.

Huawei Mate S carries a curved rear and the front of the device is made with strong Gorilla Glass.  The body of this smart phone is resistant to water, making the device extremely durable. Mate S is wrapped in the metal body which has fine shiny lines on both the ends of the device, where the antennas are located.

Mate S is available in different colors, i.e. gray, pink and gold with varying storage capacity. The 5.5-inch large screen has 401 pixels per inch, which shows full HD videos, movies, and games. Even though Mate S has a bigger screen, but still the phone doesn’t look too big because of its ultra slim bezel.

The super amazing pressure sensitive touch screen senses how hard or soft the user is pressing the screen and reacts accordingly, for example, for zooming in, while viewing an image, the viewer would just have to press on the screen, the harder user presses, the further picture would be zoomed in.

The Mate S’s screen is so sensitive that the users can actually weigh things like fruits, etc on it. Mate S possesses magic corners, Huawei calls it “magic button”, which allows the users to press and move his fingers to navigate. On the rear side of Mate S, there is a fingerprint scanner for the purpose of securing the data and unlocking the smart phone. With the tap of a finger on the scanner, it reads the user’s identity and according to Huawei, this scanner is faster and more efficient than the previous versions. With the help of sliding a finger on the scanner, the user can control the phone, without actually touching the screen of the phone. Check notifications, swipe through photos and capture selfie by sliding, swiping and taping respectively, your finger on the scanner.

Huawei Mate S has another incredible and enhanced feature which also helps in controlling the smart phone in a revolutionary way. With the help of Knuckle Sense 2.0, users can open different apps by drawing a specific letter on the screen, switch between apps, capture screen shots or crop certain parts of an image or video and perform many other amazing functions.

Huawei Mate S is a Dual-SIM smart phone, users can either use two numbers at one time or put a memory card in the second SIM slot. Morphia wireless technology is supported by Mate S; it allows the user to print pictures, etc from printers, manufactured by Canon, Epson, and Brother.

Other specs of Mate S include a heavy 3GB RAM, a 13 MP camera with optical image stabilization, to clear out blur in pictures because of shaky hands, an 8 MP cam on the front equipped with soft light to capture great selfies, three microphones for efficient directional sound recording and a 5V fast charger, which charges the battery in super less time.

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