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Huawei Mate feature Super powered Battery & Ultra Fast Processor

Awesomeness is about to get real. With the highly anticipated launch of Huawei’s upcoming Huawei Mate smart phone, expectations are getting higher and higher. Rumor has it that the much awaited Mate smart phone would be featuring ground breaking technologies integrated into it by Huawei. This mega powered phablet will land with an excitingly big, 6 inches display, high powered Kirin Processor and Android v6.0 Marshmallow operating system. HiSilicon Kirin processor built by Huawei is paired with i5 co-processor which the manufacturer boasts provides low power consumption, all functions of a sensor, location provider navigation, reduced location based power consumption and speed recognition.

Huawei’s has recently outshone HTC and Sony in the European market and became the 2nd biggest Android vendor in Europe, according to the analysis by outfit Kanta. Now with the launch of all new Mate phablet, Huawei is aiming to dig its anchors deep in the international smart phone market and surpass previous market leaders. Mate phablet will also carry Huawei’s latest and up to date EMUI 4.0 skin, which will support the Android’s polished operating system, 6.0 Marshmallow and provide the users with an utterly amazing, customizable and user-friendly interface.

With the launch of Huawei’s latest devices, this tech giant is rapidly making its way towards the top position in the local and as well as the international market. Huawei’s smart phone devices, in particular, have been creating big waves in media world over and they have established Huawei as a brand which leads the market in innovating new technologies. The latest HiSilicon Kirin processor of Huawei, which is to make its debut in the forthcoming Mate will further strengthen the position of this company as a mega contender in the smart technologies arena.

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