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Huawei inspiration “Huawei P8 Lite” The Twin Brother of “Huawei P8”

Taking inspiration from its flagship model “Ascend P8”, Huawei has retained the same style and design for “P8 Lite”. Although the resemblance is apparent between P8 and P8 Lite, the latter is equipped with a 7.5 mm ultra-thin profile, a smaller overall print and a plastic body. Some might feel that the premium and high-end feel is lost with its plastic finish, but it definitely adds to the durability of the phone as the brand quality hasn’t been compromised.


Similarly, the ports and buttons are located in the same spots as the P8. While the left edge of the phone is clean, the right is home to its volume control, power button, MicroSD slot, and dual micro/nano SIM slots. Additionally, there is a 3.5mm headset jack and noise-canceling microphone. Finally, the bottom edge is occupied by the microUSB port, microphone, and internal speaker. Thereby, even if P8 exceeds your affordability, you can definitely invest in P8 Lite to experience a semblance of what P8 has to offer!

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