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Huawei P8 Max Offers Exclusive Design, Unique Features with Long Lasting Battery

Huawei designed P8 Max after consistent brain storming at its aesthetic research center in Paris and delivered and ultimately beautiful and full metal body smart phone. P8 Max, with the large design, attractive appearance, and unique features have certainly got the attention of the smart phone experts as an amazingly designed and feature rich smart phone.

Huawei P8 Max is a smart phone which carries outstanding commercial apps such as Wireless Projector, GPS, Bluetooth Printing and much more. These apps are suitable for better and convenient handling of emails and office tasks. P8 Max has been manufactured to deliver seamless performance for long hours, with the help of its head heat dissipation solution technology, which avoids the overheating of the smart phone during the use of large video games and recreational apps.

The heavy powered battery, i.e. 4360 mAh of P8 Max gives it a long lasting life and gives its users high standards of safe performance with extended use on a single charge. Even while those activities which consume the major battery power like streaming HD movies or 4G surfing, this giant battery ensures unbroken connectivity. Huawei has manufactured every feature of P8 Max to facilitate battery life, including the smart phone’s hardware with lower power dissipation and software with incorporated power saving.

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