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Huawei P8 Max Offers Enhanced Creative & Unique Photography

P8 max’s mega screen enables consumers to create and enjoy the freedom of creative art. The Huawei P8 max offers consumers with the best instrument for superb creative photography and filming through light painting function and video filming function that reduces later editing. It also has a face-enhancing, Selfie, piano, and lapse modes for photo-capturing.


The Huawei P8 max utilizes a blend of front and rear cameras. The rear processing chip, mini SP, with optical vibration reduction. Rear camera provides better night view photo-capturing. The RGBW sensors enable pixel size, which reduces the noises of the picture to the minimum while maintaining processing ability of picture definition and details. The Huawei P8 max’s optical vibration reduction technology minimizes the aperture time 2-3 grades, which ensures brighter and clearer pictures in the same condition. Additionally, the dual-tone flash effectively brings back true color and creates vivid pictures in dark and dim lights.

Unlike light painting functions on ordinary phones, the P8 max provides real time preview display of a picture. The P8 max has an optical vibration reduction function on the rear camera which helps to create stunningly perfect still pictures, without a tripod. The unique director mode of the P8 max enables consumers to shoot and share, vivid and outstanding quality videos. The users of P8 max can also make a blockbuster film, with no need to edit anymore, by lining a filming group with two other phones and switching different views.

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