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Huawei Took Apple with Powerful Choke-Slam To Knock It All Out

Following its conventional trend of introducing technological innovations in the market, Apple came up with a naive technology of “Force Touch” in its recently launched smartphone iPhone 6S, this September. Apple was considering Force Touch technology a similar achievement in the universe of smartphone technologies like touch screen in the first place. But then there was a contender for the title of smartphone technologies Championship that ran into Apple and met it with a powerful choke-slam, knocking out Apple legacy completely. That New Champion of the technological Universe is Huawei with its all new sleek, glamorous and wonderfully featured Mate S.

Huawei has proven itself a true champ of smartphone Technology and industry, both. It is only Huawei who faced Apple with its irresistibly wondrous technology of “Force Touch”, making it crystal clear to all the competitors that Huawei has something really superior in its spirit, better be called innovative technological guts.

And it must be admitted that not only Apple but a whole school of Technology Pandits and expert observers fell a bit short and tried to undermine Research and development capacities of Huawei. Being realistic in the approach always demands sharp analysis and understanding of the ground realities. And the reality is that Mate S is an aboriginal in its supremacy of finest blend of all alluring features like “Force Touch”, “fingerprint scanner”, awesome “13 Megapixel” Camera and lot more. So where the bragging competitors of Technology world are standing now?

A neutral observer while looking at Mate S, finds it a compact smart gadget incorporated generously with all imaginable (or should we say desirable) qualities that make a smartphone actually what it takes to be. Holding this miracle of technological might in your hand, you will experience inevitable adorning, eye-catching sleek and streamlined body. And what could one ask for, when having a glimmering gold of Huawei’s treasure, with finely lined edges and silky touch of 5.5 inches large screen and delicately curved back. Adding to this, Mate S has an all metal body with lustrous shines and classical feel.

Coming to the luscious curved back of the Huawei Mate S, there is much talk about. On the backside of Mate S that efficient “Fingerprint” security unlock has been placed, exactly at the spot where it should be. Meanwhile, holding in your hand, your index finger naturally goes to the point where that invoking highly efficient fingerprint scanner is. Just touch the scanner and Mate S unlocks in less than a blink of eye. Besides this the backside also has a high resolution 13 megapixel camera with a strong but tiny well jewelled LED flash.

“Force Touch” of Mate S is no way least attraction at all. Touching with a harder press on the screen allows you to  meet with a lot more features you have ever wondered. Also, while moving through the excellent snaps in the photo gallery, you took from your Mate S, you can zoom in or enlarge your click by just putting some pressure pressing the screen a little hard. Not only that. You want to weigh your gold ring? Or anything like that? Don’t worry Mate S will do the job. Just place it on the screen and wonder what Huawei Mate S “Force Touch” can’t do..!

Now it is time for the technology lover to make a right choice, leaving old legacies of unmatching and bore repetitive products and go for the new champ of technology universe which is Huawei. Have your Mate S, it’s waiting for you in the stores!

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