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Honor of Huawei’s Creation; The upcoming Honor 7

Huawei, as known for its high technological innovations and unmatched creative approaches, has surpassed Apple and Samsung far in the race of technological creativeness and modernity. Recently Huawei has earned the big honor in International and Local Pakistani market with the heart capturing launch and of course hot sales of Mate S. That is a big success story indeed. But here not only the technological innovators and markets but also the larger consumer polls, Huawei has earned so far, are surprised that what is Huawei up to? This reaction is for no other reason than that Huawei has brought his remarkably high-tech, high efficiency and no doubt supreme quality smartphone “Honor 7”, in the market. Launching dates are expected to be in the first week of November 2015.

The expected launch of Huawei Honor 7 has created ways of enthusiastic excitement and sense anxious attraction among the consumer pool here in Pakistan. It is the thirst of Huawei’s technological and esthetic craftiness that customers are eagerly searching for the prices and availability of Honor 7 in Pakistan. The news is Huawei also revealed the approximate price range for the Honor 7 that is PKR 45,499 to the minimum.IMG_01

One could wonder, that what Honor 7 is enriched with that alludes larger customer segments in the markets and making them anxiously waiting for their Huawei Honor 7. But honestly going through the details of features and specifications of the Honor 7 can make one fond of it. Huawei has designed Honor 7 with superior esthetic touches and delicacy of romantic looks. Honor 7 body design excites passions and captures the eyes of admirers. It is truly a premier design with ceramic sand ballistic and curved power keys, giving a glassy smooth feel to the fingers.

Further, Honor 7 is finely enriched with features like high-resolution front and rear camera, supremely efficient fingerprint scanner unlocker, applications that beautify and totally bring a whole new experience of photo capturing (or should it be said to be quality photography). More like Mate S Huawei has incorporated Honor 7 with voice wake-up and cell locating feature as well. And this time in honor 7, phone finding is more fun with customizable call notes, like one can say “ Hey Honor where are you?” or “Hey beauty can’t see you” and in response Honor 7 will locate itself for you by replying “ I’m here”. It will be a real fun to have such a marvelous smart gadget.

Again coming to the cameras, Honor 7 has a great combination of rear and front cameras with high-resolution capacity. Rear Camera offers 20-megapixel gain resolution support for the excellent photography in the true sense. On the front side, the 8-megapixel camera is there for the experience of high-quality clearer and perfect selfies to capture all the adorable moments. Camera applications and features are also there to beautify and enhance the efficiency of captured snaps, that allows; color perfection, demist view in the cold misty scenes and looking exactly the real feel of the moments and places one can with the real eye.

The fingerprint scanner is a class of speedy response to the 360 angle detection, identification and unlocking the phone just within an incredible time window of 0.5 seconds. Isn’t it awesome? Also, the scanner is supported with efficient self-learning features that enable its functions with more ease and provide such a large spectrum that it can recognize fingerprints in any angle and equally effective.

Honor 7 is also loaded with double antennas at upper and lower ends in its L type aluminum frame. This makes the signal qualities incredibly high, hence browsing, video streaming, internet calling, and video chatting is a new feeling with Honor 7. Also in the aluminum body, Huawei has improved heat dissidence by 7 times on the index scale more than before in any cell phone.

Above all is the battery timing of Honor 7. Only the charging for 5 minutes will give you calling time of 1 hour on the Honor 7 and if you have charged your Honor 7 for the half hour it means you got 50% battery restored.

These are not the all what this superior or more precisely the premium quality of Honor 7 offers but qualities like fast snap shotting, infrared remote controlling, demisting of views, smart keys and the whole lot of features must be explored by consumers by themselves. Huawei Honor 7 is really going to be an even bigger success for the technology champion Global Company but more important is that within the price of just PKR 45,499, with exclusive Zong offer of 6GB free mobile data for 6 months. Huawei consumers are going to enjoy a classically superior quality smartphone. So let it be revealed at 1st November and ready to get your Honor 7..! “Hey Honor where are you buddy??”

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