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Former Prime Minister Imran Khan has acknowledged approving a controversial tweet comparing the current political situation in Pakistan to the fall of Dhaka but distanced himself from a viral video, claiming he was unaware of its content.

Last month, the PTI leader shared a montage on X, urging the nation to “study the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report” to understand “who was the true traitor, Gen Yahya Khan or Sheikh Mujibur Rahman”.

After a session at the accountability court at Adiala Jail, where Khan faces a £190 million corruption charge, he expressed regret for his past references to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, admitting he hadn’t read the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report at the time.

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Khan stated that the report had two objectives: ensuring past mistakes were not repeated and assigning responsibility for the fall of Dhaka. He added that the commission held Gen Yahya accountable for the events leading to the loss of East Pakistan.

He claimed that similar mistakes were being repeated in the country, causing the economy to verge on collapse. Khan also criticized the amendments to the accountability law by the PDM government, claiming they resulted in a Rs1,100 billion loss to the national exchequer, a loss the struggling country couldn’t afford.

Referencing his acquittal in the cipher case, Khan stated that the FIA should apologize for falsely implicating him.

When asked if he would engage in talks with political parties as suggested by the Supreme Court, Khan replied negatively, stating he preferred negotiating with the actual power holders rather than “proxies”.

Responding to a journalist’s question about his previous criticism of PML-N President Nawaz Sharif’s references to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report, Khan admitted that he had not read the report at that time but has since done so.

Regarding the controversial video on his X account, Khan questioned how he could have posted a video while in jail and stated that he couldn’t comment on it since he hadn’t seen it.

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