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Jazz Heat-wave Relief Camps Active for General Public in Collaboration with Voice of Karachi

Camps set up across the city as and when required; Mobilink’s brand has also initiated a PSA campaign to raise public awareness

To help the public combat extreme temperatures throughout Karachi, Mobilink’s umbrella brand – Jazz partnered with Voice of Karachi (VoK), an association working for the betterment of the city, to set up heat-wave relief camps at various spots in Karachi throughout the month of May.

Moreover, Jazz, in collaboration with the Islamic Relief, has also initiated an SMS based public service announcement (PSA) campaign to spread awareness about precautionary measures during this heat-wave emergency period. Under this campaign, the Telco brand sends out regular text messages to Karachiites featuring emergency numbers in case of a heat stroke, safety tips, and guidelines to nurse a heat stroke victim till help arrives, amongst other related topics.

Speaking about the need to assist the local government in ensuring the safety of the public during the ongoing heat-wave, Omar Manzur, Head of Corporate Communications – Mobilink stated, “We believe private-social sector partnerships are imperative in assisting the district government in combating rising temperatures in the metropolis. Our partnership with VoK looks to control the situation before it turns in to a calamity, as witnessed last year when some 1500 citizens lost their lives from heat strokes.”

“The Jazz Heat wave Relief Camps will be setup throughout the month of May, as and when required by the district government and threat updates shared by the Pakistan Meteorological Department,” He further added.

Each ‘Jazz Heat wave Relief Camp’ has two 220 liter cold water drums, a water cooler, wet towels, and packets of ORS. While the goods have been donated by Mobilink, its day to management is under the supervision of VoK’s administration.

During similar circumstances last year, Mobilink played its part in assisting heat wave affectees by distributing a total of 10,000 bottles of mineral water, 6000 boxes of juice, 4000 ice packs, 4000 hands sized towels and 40 cooling water fans amongst heat stroke patients, their families and administration staff at several hospitals in Karachi and Hyderabad.

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