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Major Saad of the Pakistan Army tragically passed away after succumbing to injuries sustained during a mobile phone snatching attempt in Karachi. The incident occurred while Major Saad was returning home from an Iftar party when he was confronted by street criminals. Despite putting up resistance, he was shot multiple times.

His death comes amidst alarming reports indicating a surge in street crime in Karachi during this Ramadan season. According to the latest data, at least 16 individuals have fallen victim to muggers in the city so far.


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The report sheds light on the staggering statistics, revealing that a total of 6,780 street crime incidents occurred in Karachi within a month. Among these, 20 vehicles were forcefully taken, while over 130 were stolen. Additionally, a shocking 830 motorcycles were snatched, and 4,200 were reported stolen during the same period. Moreover, the number of mobile phones snatched during Ramadan reached 1,600.

This grim reality underscores the urgent need for enhanced security measures to safeguard the lives and possessions of citizens in Karachi.

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