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Storage has always been an issue with the iPhone, especially when the space model deals with only 16 GB of internal space! There a lot to store it the icloud, camera drives, music, documents and many more plus others. The iXpand memory case from SanDisk a brilliant product that can easily solve the issues in just a sec away! It brings the portability and connectivity in the portable wire and USB cable case making it much easier and compatible for the user.

The case has been designed in such a way that is wont only be an easily attachable an detachable case with extra memory on it but is also designed in such a delicate and modernized design that would safe your phone from the scratches and bumps!

The iXpand case application is where it signs. It easy to navigate providing easy to what’s on the case! Photos videos, music, document and lots and lots more!

SanDisk also offers a battery pack along with it! That will survive almost half of day battery to the iPhone. It attaches magnetically to the case, making it much easier!But it is sold separately if you’re looking for such aproduct the the iXpand is the brilliant new product for you!


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