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Pak Qatar Family Takaful signs Takaful agreement with Primus Investment

Pak Qatar Family Takaful Limited (PQFTL) has signed a collaborative agreement with Primus Investment Management Limited, whereby PQFTL will provide Group Term Family Takaful coverage to the investors who are investing in the Education Plan offered by Primus. According to the agreement, the investors of Primus Educational Plan will be eligible for Takaful coverage and benefits in the event of their death (due to any case) or their natural or accidental disability.

The Chief Executive Officer of PQFTL – Mr. Nasir Ali Syed stated that; “This relationship will deliver great advantages for the investors, by ensuring quality education and a brighter future for the beneficiaries. We are proud to partner with a prestigious enterprise like Primus Investment Management Ltd. This venture will benefit both the organizations, in terms of product enrichments and business growth, while both the organizations can engage closely to optimize their resources and performance.”

The CEO  of Primus Investment Management Ltd. (PIML) – Mr. Ahmed Ateeq stated that; “We believe this association with Pakistan’s leading Takaful service provider – PQFTL will add tremendous value to the services offered by Primus, as we are consistently striving to enhance the level of  financial security and personalized services for our customers.”

Being the pioneers of Takaful in Pakistan since 2007, PQFTL offers; individual, group and Banca products, including group life and health protection, to cover the basic needs like; Child Education Saving Plan, Death Benefits, Share & Care plan, Investment plans, etc. Its award-winning, Shariah-compliant products are absolutely competitive, more rewarding and flexible, compared to the traditional insurance products.

PIML, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pak-Brunei Investment Company Limited, has always claimed to be at the forefront of financial security, thus being one of the few companies in the country that provides investors with a platform to gain access to professionally managed, diversified portfolios of equities, bonds, and other securities. Through its services, PIML promises its clients easy investment combined with a high margin of security along with relevant guidance that will aid investors in their financial decisions.

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