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During the ongoing 2024 T20 World Cup, a surprising controversy erupted when security guards asked fans of Pakistani cricketer Imran Khan to remove their shirts. The fans, who had come to enjoy the match, were shocked by the demand, leading to a heated exchange with the security personnel.

“Where is it written in the ICC rules or on their website that one cannot wear this shirt?” one fan questioned vehemently.

“It is a cricketer’s picture. Why is a cricketer’s picture not allowed in a cricket stadium in the Caribbean?” The frustration among the fans was palpable, as they struggled to understand the rationale behind the directive.

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In response, a security usher stated, “I am following orders from the authorities and doing my job.” This explanation did little to satisfy the disgruntled fans, who continued to express their discontent. While the specific reasons behind the directive remain unclear, it has certainly added an unexpected layer of drama to what has been an interesting T20 World Cup.

Previously, in Pakistan, many fans have been prohibited from wearing shirts featuring Imran Khan, as it is considered a political statement.

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