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In a recent address at the passing out parade of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Syed Asim Munir highlighted the military’s commitment to respecting constitutional limits and upholding the rule of law. General Asim emphasized the importance of adherence to the Constitution, urging all stakeholders to prioritize constitutional values.

Addressing the graduating cadets, General Asim emphasized the significance of constitutional boundaries and the rule of law. He noted that those who disregard these limits cannot criticize others, underscoring the need for every citizen to respect the constitutional framework of Pakistan.

During his speech, General Asim referred to Article 19 of the Constitution, which defines the boundaries of freedom of expression. This reference underscores the military’s stance on the importance of balancing rights with responsibilities within a democratic society.

Shifting focus to the evolving landscape of aerial warfare, General Asim acknowledged the transformative impact of technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and quantum computing. He stressed the critical role of a strong air force in safeguarding national sovereignty, citing the PAF’s courageous and professional response during the February 2019 incident as a testament to their dedication.

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General Asim commended the graduating cadets as the “centre of our hopes, guardians of the skies, and guarantors of regional solidarity,” encouraging them to embody values of character, courage, and competence in their careers.

He urged the new officers to prioritize defending the nation’s honor and dignity, even at personal sacrifice, while upholding the legacy of professionalism and bravery within the armed forces. General Asim drew inspiration from national heroes like Rashid Minhas, Sarfraz Rafiqui, and MM Alam, encouraging the cadets to remain steadfast in their responsibilities and unwavering in their loyalty to Pakistan.

In essence, General Asim Munir’s (COAS) address at the PAF passing out parade reflects a message of constitutional adherence, professionalism, and national pride. His words serve as a call to action for the new generation of officers to uphold the values of integrity, courage, and loyalty as they embark on their journey in serving the nation.

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