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The joint efforts of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Zonal Office in Lahore and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) resulted in a significant crackdown on an illegal Internet Service Provider (ISP) operating within Punjab University Town-II, Lahore.

During the operation, authorities discovered an active internet setup being operated without the necessary licensing. One individual has been apprehended, and essential equipment, including 05 Optical Line Terminals (OLTs) and 02 Optical Network Terminals (ONTs), has been seized. The FIA is conducting further investigations in accordance with the law.

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This successful action against illegal internet service providers underscores PTA’s steadfast dedication, ongoing monitoring, and persistent efforts to combat unlawful internet services. Such measures are vital for preventing tax evasion and revenue misreporting, thereby safeguarding the national treasury.

PTA emphasizes the importance for the public to only engage with telecom services provided by licensed operators to avoid disruptions in service.

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