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Qualcomm has recently launched a flagship ARM processor for Windows, but rumors suggest that another System on a Chip (SoC) might be on the horizon. This rumored chip, potentially named the Snapdragon X Plus, is speculated to offer mid-tier specifications at a more affordable price point compared to the flagship Snapdragon X Elite.

The upcoming SoC is identified by the SKU number X1P, following the Snapdragon X Elite naming convention, which is tagged as X1E. Reports indicate that Qualcomm has been testing variants of this chip, such as the X1P44100 and X1P46100, both equipped with the Snapdragon X65 5G modem. However, specific details about the architecture of these chips remain limited.

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It is conjectured that the Snapdragon X Plus could possibly utilize similar cores as the X Elite, albeit running at reduced clock speeds. A report from Winfuture suggests that the X Plus might feature a 10-core configuration, contrasting the 12-core structure of the X Elite.

The advent of Qualcomm’s bespoke ARM cores is expected to present significant competition to Apple’s ARM offerings. Early benchmarks from Qualcomm indicate that the Snapdragon X Elite is outperforming top-tier laptop processors from Intel and AMD, boasting 50% better performance while consuming 65% less power at comparable performance levels.

Notably, the Snapdragon X Elite demonstrated its prowess by running Baldur’s Gate 3 at 30 FPS with 1080p resolution, although it’s unclear if the game was running at high graphical settings.

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