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Record Sales of Huawei GR3 Took Competitors With Surprise

Recently launched in Pakistan, Huawei GR3 has successfully recorded tremendous sales across the country. Huawei GR3 is the best mid smartphone designed with a superior touch of high technological innovations and aesthetic taste. Right after its launch, Huawei GR3 endorsed by the large consumer market of Pakistan. Even the sales records undermined the expectations of Huawei itself. It is pertinent to note that Huawei has introduced this amazing smart device at the time it had already swayed the market with the most superior quality flagship smartphone, Huawei Mate 8 and the most elegant and the most desired Honor 5X.  Also, other brands, for instance, Samsung, are experiencing tough market scenario, even for its signature smart phone. But, Huawei has predicted the growth well in the current year and also Huawei has successfully transformed its goals into achievements so far.

Huawei has designed GR3 into a unibodied structure, prepared by the aircraft graded aluminum alloy. Metallic luster leaves a smooth and simple feel of beauty and exquisite craftiness. Although Huawei will offer GR3 in three colors, possibly Silver, Gray, and Gold, the most attractive of these will be the silver colored Huawei GR3. Silver color has a grace and a metallic body suit this combination more instead of Gold or Gray. Nevertheless, the choice of Huawei brand lovers will be superior and they will get all the three colors in the market.

Huawei GR3 is the next step towards compact and slim smart phones. It has the thickness of only 7.6mm. It is also linked from the edges and the corners are rounded giving it a perfectly exquisite look from each angle. The Huawei GR3 body reflects the impression of streamlined design and it is incorporated with keeping finest tastes of esthetics in consideration. It weighs only 135g that is so light and delightful for the technology lovers, no doubt. Huawei has, also, improvised 63µm ceramic sandblasting technology, and coupled it with two step atomization, high-light trimming, to make such an incredible product. Overall, Huawei has designed all new GR3 with such a finest touch that cannot be described in words, but it needs the users to hold the ultra modern product of high technological innovation and feel it by heart.

This amazing smartphone is available at the comparatively best price of Rs.25,499 that is further added with 6 GB free internet for 6 months with Ufone. Those who have not yet purchased their GR3 must go for it at their earliest. Because it’s the best deal in the market.

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