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Samsung Printing Solutions has announced the release of Remote Fax, a new printing application that enhances fax functionality while cutting printing maintenance costs.

The Remote Fax app means users do not need to install additional fax kits or PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines in order to equip fax functions. This allows companies to reduce installation fees and better manage their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

The new application enables multiple printing products to run fax functions using a single fax server and fax kit or PSTN.

“Samsung continues to exceed customers’ expectations in providing convenient, cost-effective printing products,” said David SW Song, Senior Vice President of Printing Solutions Business at Samsung Electronics. “The Remote Fax app will provide more office efficiency and accessibility.”

The Remot Fax app is Samsung Electronics’ first paid application for its printing products. The company expects it to usher in a new business model for the company’s dealers and business partners.

Remot Fax is compatible with Samsung printing products with the Smart UX Center, including the MX7 range of multifunction printers.


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