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In a significant political development, a resolution has emerged on the agenda for the upcoming Senate gathering scheduled for March 4, proposing the prohibition of major social media platforms within the nation. Led by Senator Bahramand Tangi from the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), the proposed ban targets prominent platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, the platform formerly known as Twitter (now referred to as X), and YouTube.

Senator Tangi advocates for the ban on mainstream social media platforms, citing concerns about their potential misuse against the nation’s interests, particularly aimed at protecting the younger generation from adverse impacts. However, it’s important to note that despite potential approval, the resolution lacks legal binding. It highlights the prevalent misuse of these platforms for spreading fake news on various topics, further emphasizing the necessity for such action.

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In another development, the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) reportedly revoked Senator Tangi’s party membership, citing breaches of party discipline and his failure to address a show-cause notice. This notice was issued concerning his alleged silence on a resolution advocating for the postponement of the February 8 polls.

Access to social media in Pakistan has been inadequate in recent weeks, with the government previously banning X in the country after allegations of election rigging in Commissioner Rawalpindi’s admission. Access to X has been sporadic for several weeks, and even when accessible, the platform continues to load slowly.

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