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Today, 16 July 2016, a famous social media celebrity “Qandeel Baloch” was strangled to death by her brother for honour. Police and Rescue has confrmed her death after reaching her family home at green town Multan where Qandeel was present since last 6 days.

Her Parents have confirmed that her brother strangled her to death last night and ran away. Police have started search operation to find her brother.


Qandeel has never worked in the movie, nor she ever appeared in the television but she was famous for posting bold pictures on different social media portals. Also there were rumors that Qandeel might go in next big boss season. Also, Few days ago, she showed up in a little known artist Aryan Khan new song “Ban”.

Qandeels father have filed the FIR against her brother who killed her for bringing disrepute to family and also because of greed of money.(as per the fir)

Qandeel was married once and had one child as well at the age of 19. 1141469-qandeel-1468440652-476-640x480qandeel2


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