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A recent report from a global market intelligence firm has shed light on the performance of various smartphone brands in Pakistan during the fourth quarter of 2023. Despite global giants like Apple and Samsung dominating the international smartphone market, their presence in Pakistan remains relatively small. Instead, local and budget-focused brands have managed to secure significant market shares.

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Here are the top three smartphone brands in Pakistan:

  1. Infinix: Infinix has secured the largest market share, capturing 28.6% of the smartphone market. The company targets the budget-conscious segment of the Pakistani market by offering smartphones with decent features at affordable prices. However, Infinix experienced a slight decline of 4% in market share compared to the previous quarter. This dip could be attributed to the higher pricing of its latest models, such as the Infinix Note 30 Pro and Zero 30 Pro, in comparison to similar offerings from competitors.
  2. Tecno: Tecno follows closely behind as the second top-selling smartphone brand in Pakistan. Like Infinix, Tecno primarily focuses on the budget segment, aiming to appeal to a broad audience. In the fourth quarter of 2023, Tecno captured 18% of the market share, marking a 5% increase from the previous quarter. This growth can be attributed to the success of its latest models, including the Tecno Pova 5 Pro, Spark 20c, and Camon 20.
  3. Xiaomi: Xiaomi, a prominent Chinese tech giant, secured the third position in the Pakistani smartphone market with a market share of 16.3%. Xiaomi stands out for offering quality smartphones at affordable prices, primarily targeting the lower midrange, midrange, and budget segments. Although the company experienced a marginal decline of 1% in market share compared to the previous quarter, it remains a significant player in Pakistan. Xiaomi’s popular models in the market include the Redmi Note 13 Pro and Poco M6.

Despite the dominance of local and budget-oriented brands, global giants like Apple and Samsung continue to maintain only a small foothold in the Pakistani smartphone market.

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