Alfred “Al” Blaschke, a Texan resident, has once again made history as the world’s oldest skydiver, setting a new record recognized by Guinness World Records.

Originally from Texas, USA, Alfred “Al” Blaschke previously held the title of oldest skydiver at 103 in 2020 until Rut Lina Larsson, a Swedish woman aged 103 years and 257 days, surpassed him.

Undeterred, Alfred “Al” Blaschke, now an impressive 106 years and 327 days old, completed another successful skydiving jump, reclaiming his title. The Texas government, represented by Greg Abbott, showed support for this remarkable achievement. Reflecting on his feat, Alfred “Al” Blaschke told Guinness World Records, “If you think you can’t do it, you’re selling yourself short. Everyone is capable of more than they think they are; they just have to make the decision to try.”

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Alfred “Al” Blaschke’s resilience and determination inspire people of all ages, demonstrating that age should not limit one’s pursuit of passions and extraordinary accomplishments.


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