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Apple App Store: Huawei Music supports interactive song ordering

The Huawei Music application store for the Apple App Store has been recently updated with new features, but it is still limited in its initial version. In the description of the store, Huawei Music App is Huawei’s music application, here is the focus of Huawei’s music software; here is the interactive platform for listening to music; the song will be a friend, so musicians with warm songs will put you in a good mood.

Huawei Music for iOS comes with the following features.

A large number of musicians is available on Huawei Music for iOS. The aim is to gather the best musicians on the web, share the beauty of music with you, and offer you a feast of sounds.

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A song that has real-time interaction, where you will be able to see and hear every emotion and every idea, so you can order songs each time you wish.

It’s time for warmth and healing – for warm stories, for happy partners, as there is now a music communication platform that lives in your phone, accompanying you at any time, anywhere, with non-stop warmth.

There is currently no support for listening to music on the Huawei Music iOS app according to user feedback. Huawei Music member users are not currently able to listen to music on the Huawei Music iOS app.


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