Tech giant Apple is indeed set to release its next generation of iPad Pro series this year and as per what the previous rumors end up indicating, Apple is indeed planning on to redesign the iPad Pro so as to accommodate MagSafe – its very own wireless charging solution.

Of course integration of MagSafe wireless charging isn’t at all as easy as it seems due to the fact that the current iPad Pros actually feature with the aid of an aluminum back and for the case of wireless charging to be made possible, the back must be made of glass so as to allow for current to flow through. However, as per what has been claimed with respect to the more recent news, Apple has in fact found a rather clever workaround to the problem.

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It is now being speculated that the upcoming 2022 iPad Pros will end up retaining the aluminum back case design, however, the centered Apple logo will now be made of glass and made bigger in order to include the magnetic contact pads so as to conduct electricity for the case of wireless charging. Sources from the inside claim actually that the reason as to why Apple chose this design over the full glass back design of its iPhones is due to the fact that the glass back design would make the iPad more a lot more fragile, and will also make it all the more heavy, plus also easily prone to damage too.

It has also been claimed that Apple is already in the process of developing iPad Pro prototypes that would have the potential to utilize that bigger made-of-glass Apple logo for the sake MagSafe Wireless charging and of course the greatest piece of news arrives in the form of the fact that there will be support for wireless charging at higher wattages when compared to the iPhones.


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