China bans digital music platforms from signing

China bans digital music platforms from signing

The copyright authority that is found in China has just proceeded on to announce that digital music platforms present within the country will actually no longer be allowed to sign exclusive copyright deals except for certain exceptions. The announcement was made just earlier in this week and arrives as China continues it crackdown on digital companies.

Indeed in accordance with what a report coming in from Reuters has to say, the order was actually shared in Thursday in a meeting which was held in Beijing. In this meeting were present some rather major digital music platforms as well as some rather known record and songwriting copyright based firms. The move that is now following in from the copyright authority is indeed part of China’s latest efforts in the cracking down process as far as the nation’s tech industry happens to be concerned. The steps that are hence being taken from the Chinese government seek to address the growing issues that exist within the country, such as monopolistic behavior, unfair competition and consumer rights – which of course has also been severely debated in western regions such as Europe.

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Just last year of course, Tencent Holdings ended up announcing that it has ended all exclusive music copyright deals after an order came through from the Chinese regulator. The intervention coming through from the authorities has made its way across due to the fact that Tencent actually held access to more than 80 percent of exclusive music libraries. In other words then, it actually managed to hold an almost complete monopoly within the market

Unfortunately enough though, it is unknown which companies were involved in this meeting, however, brands like Xiaomi and China mobile of course own their very own streaming services while services like Spotify are of course banned altogether from mainland China.


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