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Drone set out for smuggling intercepted by US

The heavy surge of tech advancements had led to new challenges being faced by security agencies as they deal with emerging crimes via the use of tech devices. Indeed, a good example of this comes in the form of what recently happened with respect to the US border. Indeed a tiny DJI drone has been reported to have been used in order to smuggle drugs across the US border wall with Mexico. The details were contained in a recently released search warrant given out by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

The incident actually took place back in October of last year and involved a DJI Mini 2 drone dropping a quantity of meth up to its weight and this was then discovered by the US border patrol. It now seems then that drug dealers are making use of technology to the fullest of all extents in order to fly and smuggle drugs across the US border. Indeed the DEA search warrant related to the investigation to unmask the owner of the drone, while the suspected recipient is also said to be unmasked.

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The drone happened to have been observed in October last year moving above the 25 foot border wall and it actually landed on a parking lot while man, who was there in a grey Mercedes was there to pick the package up. However, before he could do so, the package was intercepted by border security agents.

The area where this happened then is reported as an area where a large number of such activities take place with respect to drug cartels who the continue to seek ways thereby which they can sustain their criminal activities of drug trafficking and what not. So all in all then, those placed at border security will now have to be even more vigilant.


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