Elon Musk and SpaceX at the receiving end of massive criticism

Elon Musk becomes the richest person in the world

Both Elon Musk as well as SpaceX have come under fire from Chinese citizens as people have proceeded on to criticize the CEO as well as his space faring company online. The latest backlash following in from China makes its way after the company’s satellites nearly ended up crashing into the Chinese space station.

In accordance with what a report coming in from CNBC claims, both SpaceX as well as the company’s CEO in Elon Musk are subject to intense criticism coming in after satellites from Starlink Internet Services has two near misses with the Chinese space station earlier in the year. For those of you who are unaware of this : Starlink happens to be an Internet Service Provider unit for SpaceX. The news for the near crashes make their way after China recently ended up submitting a document to the In space agency just earlier in the year.

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In the document which was of course then published on the website of the United Marion’s Office for Outer Space Affairs, China ended up claiming that “For safety reasons, the China Space Station implemented preventive collision avoidance control.” Unfortunately enough though, the validity of this claim is still yet to be confirmed while SpaceX on the other hand has yet to respond to this particular matter in a public fashion. Even Weibo ended up criticizing the company saying that one Starlink’s satellites are just a pile of space junk.

Over the course of the past few years of course, the number of space debris as well as the number of artificial satellites that of course orbit the Earth have indeed been subject to growth. And so, scientists have proceeded on to urge governments to share data on order to reduce the risk of any dangerous accidents that may of course be caused as a result of any collisions.


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