It’s been around two weeks since the very first Android 13 developer preview made its way, and as one would have to imagine, it won’t exactly be too long before we see the latest version of Android dropping. Here, we shall take a look at the five most exciting features that the latest version of Android promises to bring.

Icon theming

Automatic icon theming is something that gets us very excited as far as the latest version of Android is concerned. Before Android 13, one would have to swap out the default icon for one from the custom pack and at times the whole process just got somewhat tedious. However, the latest version of Android would take care of all this automatically, so that comes as a major revelation.

Tap to transfer media

Google’s decision to streamline audio sharing with android 13 has really excited quite a lot of people. All you would need to do with the latest version of Android is to bring your phone close to the speaker and transfer any audio stream.

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Better QR code scanning

QR scanning has been a bit of a miss and hit as far as Android is concerned, as it has been flawed with a large amount of inconsistency. However, Google’s decision to bring the QR quick toggle does indeed seem to be a step in the right direction. This means that accessing QR code scanning should be as easy as toggling Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

More options

Gone are the days where one would need to root phones in order to get more options. Indeed with the latest version of Android, you have more options to choose from as far as colors are concerned, icons are getting better support.

Guest mode app installation

Somewhat of an incognito mode for apps themselves rather that just the chrome browser has something that many users have wanted, as they don’t want apps tracking them. With the aid of Android 13, you can make sure that apps won’t track you by toggling off the apps enabled on the guest profile. Switch to it and the app is already there, but blank. And so, the app should have no way it can track you.


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