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Google AdSense separates YouTube earnings into its own account for payments

In addition to different payment limits, the platform is also introducing a separate Google AdSense page for YouTube homepage.

Google AdSense will separate YouTube earnings into its own AdSense for YouTube homepage and payment account The company announced the announcement on Wednesday. The changes will take effect in March, and will be implemented in the coming months.

YouTube’s publishers were first informed of this change via an email from Google at the beginning of January.

What’s the reason we are concerned. Very soon, YouTube earnings will no longer be displayed alongside AdSense earnings. Notifying yourself of the change and advising others and/or the stakeholders will aid in avoiding confusion once the change goes live.

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AdSense publishers aren’t really earning less, the earnings are just being changed. However, for certain users, it could take longer to meet the payment thresholds as AdSense and YouTube are each now having their own thresholds.

Different payment thresholds for each. YouTube Earnings will be bundled into its own payment account this means the YouTube and AdSense payment accounts will have distinct thresholds for payment. This may affect the timing of payments for certain people as it might take longer to get to the threshold for payment.

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