Search engine giant Google is taking upon itself to add a highly required feature to its Watch OS for the sake of smart wearable products. This new update will indeed allow for device that run the OS to flip their screens – of course depending upon the orientation of the smartwatch itself.

For those of you who are unaware : Google had indeed recently partnered up with Korean manufacturer Samsung for the sake of its current gen iteration of Wear OS. And so, even though it has been on the receiving end of praises due to the fact that it offers one of the best wearable experiences all across the market, it still end up lacking one small feature – which nonetheless proves to be essential to many. This is then the display flipping feature when you happen to wear the watch iodide down. Of course users do have the option to wear the watch on either their left hand or their right hand, however, some are rather uncomfortable with the typical way thereby which a smartwatch is worn. And so, to put things in a simple enough perspective : regardless of the hand that you wear the watch on, the buttons will still be placed on the right side. And so, it one is wearing the watch on the left hand, then the buttons happen to align with the wrist, however, on the other hand, it does also end up pushing your arm.

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A simple enough fix would then be just to wear the watch upside down. And while this does come as a rather practical solution, the problem is that the Wear OS does not exactly support display flipping in order to reflect the changed orientation. Nonetheless though, this will now be made possible thanks to the latest developments.


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