After the passing of Juan Vicente Perez from Venezuela, who held the title of the world’s oldest man until his demise a day before his 115th birthday, the Guinness World Records officially recognized John Alfred Tinniswood from England as the new oldest living man. Born on May 27, 1909, Tinniswood assumed the title at the age of 111 years and 223 days, following the confirmation of his predecessor’s death.

Initially, it was anticipated that 112-year-old

from Japan would become the new record holder. However, Sonobe was confirmed to have passed away on March 31, clearing the way for Tinniswood to claim the title.

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Despite his remarkable age, Tinniswood remains remarkably self-sufficient, handling daily tasks such as getting out of bed, staying updated with current events through the radio, and managing his finances without assistance. His longevity, according to him, is simply down to “pure luck,” acknowledging that one’s lifespan is largely out of their control.

Tinniswood resides in a care home in Southport, where staff affectionately refer to him as a “big chatterbox.” He offers advice to others, advocating against smoking and moderation in alcohol consumption. Having lived through both World Wars, Tinniswood served in an administrative capacity for the Army Pay Corps during the Second World War. He was married to his wife, Blodwen, for 44 years until her passing in 1986, and they have left behind a legacy of four grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


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