HMD global, which of course happens to be the company behind Nokia smartphones, has actually announced new protection plans as well as an extended warranty for its devices. With this move coming about then, the brand is indeed offering an option for those customers who are much concerned about the longevity of their device.

This newly extended warranty for the sake of Nokia phones is then priced at $10 in the US and happens to offer an additional 12 months of warranty following in from the original warranty period that is covered by the company – covering hence all the mechanical as well as electric failures.

The company has also introduced protection plans, which happen to be useful for those customers that have devices which are prone to accident or indeed liquid damage. HMD global has hence introduced two different protection plans.

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One plan offers a duration of 14 months, the other offers a 24 month duration. As far as pricing is concerned then, cost of these new protection plans end up starting at $19.

It’s indeed interesting to note the fact then that the plan makes its way with an extended warranty for the device, which usually ends up costing $10. The newly introduced services from the brand are only available though for the new Nokia devices and the service must also be availed within just 30 days of purchase for the sake of protection plans and within 90 days of an extended warranty.

For all these reasons then, it’s definitely a good step from Nokia all in all because it gives an option to all those that are much concerned with the safety of their devices and it gives them reassurance of sorts and a safety net.


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