The Pakistan Army has strongly condemned the violence that occurred on May 9 last year and reiterated its determination to hold accountable those responsible for planning, facilitating, and executing these criminal acts following the arrest of a former prime minister.

On the first anniversary of the tragic events, a statement released by the military’s media wing, ISPR, emphasized that the Armed Forces of Pakistan, in conjunction with the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) and Services Chiefs, unequivocally denounced the criminal actions that took place on May 9, 2023.

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The Armed Forces recalled this day as one of the darkest in national history, characterized by politically motivated violence incited by individuals manipulated into acts of rebellion against state institutions. The violence resulted in the desecration of sacred symbols of the state and national heritage sites.

ISPR described these actions as a futile attempt to instigate a misguided and short-sighted revolution in Pakistan. It highlighted the Armed Forces’ display of great restraint in the face of orchestrated violence on May 9, thwarting a conspiracy aimed at destabilizing the country by sowing discord between the people and the military.

The perpetrators of these acts sought to deflect blame onto state institutions through a hate-fueled campaign, despite efforts to disrupt national harmony.

The Army emphasized that there can be no compromise with those responsible for the tragedy of May 9; they must be brought to justice to prevent future desecration of national symbols and heroes.

The Army Chief, CJCSC, and senior military officials reaffirmed their commitment to defending Pakistan’s sovereignty and defeating both external and internal threats. They pledged to uphold the dignity and respect of the nation, underscoring their special bond with the people.


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