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Photo Pro software will support Apple M1 and M2 platforms better with SigmaFP firmware update

It was announced this week that Sigma would be releasing the 50mm F1.4 DG DN Art standard lens as well as the 60-600mm F4.5-6.3 lens. The Sigma company has also provided firmware updates for a variety of its cameras, mainly for the SIGMA fp and SIGMAfp L models of cameras.

The new version adds a color mode “Warm Gold”, which uses warm tones to create a soft atmosphere; on the “False Color” menu, a new option called “ELZONE” is added, which uses the color of the screen to indicate the exposure of the current scene. The index display is available at any time so you can check on the exposure status of any part of the screen.

There is also a new feature in the new version of the firmware entitled “Focus frame only” (focus frame only) in the menu bar of the “information display” of the mode selection. There will be an option in the menu that says “Focus frame only” after choosing “STILL-LIKE” mode in “Style”.

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A further addition Sigma has made to the camera and setting information is ARRI ALEXA LF/ ALEXA Mini LF’s Open Gate (x1.25/ x1.3/ x1.5/ x1.65/ x1.8/x2) modes for the camera.

As for other features, it would appear that both cameras are now compatible with 4TB SSD external solid-state drives, they also support ATOMOS Cloud Studio and cloud collaboration applications, and you can now turn the camera off even during long exposure times.

Additionally, Sigma also said that the latest version of SIGMA Photo Pro software will support “Warm Gold” (warm gold), and that the software will be able to more effectively support Apple’s M1/M2 processors in the future. The new version of this software is currently in development, and it is expected to be released in 2023. Released in June.

According to reports, the Capture One Pro software will be able to improve the support Sigma cameras will receive for online shooting, such as remote collaboration, real-time sharing of photos, etc. In the month of February, a new version of the application will be released.

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