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Interested in printing 3D OLED displays at home?

In the latest news surrounding the world of technology, there has now indeed been a breakthrough which has actually given us a glimpse as to what the future of repairs might look like. Indeed this latest tech will actually allow users to replace their broken display via the aid of making an OLED screen themselves.

In accordance with what a report coming in from Engadget, the University of Minnesota Twin Cities researchers have actually gone on to develop what is now believed to be the first fully 3D printed flexible OLED display. In more simpler words then, what this means is that you might not, in the future, have to rely on display manufacturers such as BEO or indeed Samsung to manufacture a replacement panel so as to fix you electronic devices. With respect to the entire process then, the breakthrough actually involves the combination of two methods as far as 3D printing is concerned – all in order then to print the six layers which happen to be needed for the sake of a functional display.

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The team which was found there in the university made use of extrusion printing in order to make the electrodes, encapsulation, insulation as well as interconnects – with active layers actually being spray painted at room temperature. The previous issues that came about when others attempted the same process was complicated due to the fact that there were issues as far light uniformity was concerned (consistency across the whole panel) or indeed the fact that there was the utmost reliance on techniques beyond that of 3D printing so as to assemble the components. However, of course, the researchers down at Minnesota Twin Cities indeed managed to build the prototype – which happens to be just 1.5 inches wide and makes use of 64 pixels.

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