Realme soon to enter the US market

Realme soon to enter the US market

Realme has been growing rather rapidly ever since the company started not that long ago. The large number of sales that the company has gathered up is thanks not only to new markets but also to a large variety of products. As a matter of fact, the brand happens to be the fastest growing smartphone brand and this is the case without it even having access to the largest consumer market in the United States. However, as far as this is concerned then, Realme has plans to change this in the year 2022.

Indeed in an interview, an executive belonging to the brand has gone on to confirm that the company will be making its way into the US market this year. Unfortunately enough though, the executive did not exactly provide a timeline as far as when the exact events will end up taking place.

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However, the executive did indeed confirm some things. He claimed that while Realme will indeed be arriving in the US market, the brand will not introduce smartphones once it does arrive.

Instead then, the Chinese tech giant is actually planning to release IT and AIoT products. And so, it can be expected that the brand will end up launching products such as streaming devices, robot vacuums, truly wireless earphones, smartwatches and power banks amongst other stuff.

It makes sense though that Realme does not want to sell smartphones down in the US market due to the fact that it’s a tough market to get into. Indeed most of the sales that happen in the country are via the aid of carriers and they have much more than the manufacturers themselves. Also, since Realme is a Chinese company, things aren’t made any better anyways due to the ever going diplomatic issues between the United States and China.


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