Google Maps direct motorcyclists to a deadly route

Maps direct motorcyclists to a deadly route
Maps direct motorcyclists to a deadly route

Google Maps of course needs no introduction as the tool has gained an immense amount of popularity due to the fact that it goes on to provide very useful directions to users and puts them on the quickest routes, while also providing ancillary information to go along with all this. However, a potential flaw was very recently discovered as far as Maps go as a story came out suggesting that Maps recently directed users to ply roads that happened to have been closed and were very dangerous to travel on courtesy of heavy amounts of snow. A horrified user ever tweeted about this particular incident as the user showcased the route.

The user labeled this as an abject failure. The user accused maps of sending users to a potentially fatal route due to the fact that there was a fatal terrain and also a rather severe blizzard to account for. And while there haven’t exactly been verified reports with respect to any accidents within the area itself, the fact that maps actually suggested such a thing in itself is deeply concerning.

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The directions which were suggested by Maps actually took travelers down Marysville road, which happens to be a rather narrow two-lane path that goes on to pass through the Tahoe National forest. Also interesting to note is the fact that another Twitter user ended up warning Android users of Google maps, claiming that the Android version of the app has failed to report any road closures.

Thankfully enough, what perhaps saved the lives of such motorcyclists was the fact that there were tweets that had warned such people to not go through that particular route and hence make use of an alternative route altogether.

And so, perhaps as can again be proven by these recent events, one can definitely agree that tech innovations may not provide foolproof measures – especially when the weather isn’t all that great.


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