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The Snapchat AR Lens Studio now uses Ray Tracing

It is apparent that Snapchat will revolutionize the field of augmented reality with the introduction of its AR Lens Studio, which offers developers access to ray tracing technology. For the first time at this scale, ray tracing technology can simulate light and shine for the first time on mobile devices, delivering the ultra-realistic quality of ray tracing to AR artifacts for the first time on a mobile device. Developed in partnership with Tiffany and Co., the first Lens built with ray tracing enables users to try on Tiffany Lock bracelets using augmented reality and then purchase them directly from within the application. There is a new development that enhances the quality of any lens that features objects where light bounces off and reflects off their surfaces, such as metals, stones, and glass surfaces, in which the light bounces off and reflects off their surface.

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The ray tracing method is a rendering technique used in computer graphics to simulate the behavior of light in a physical environment in order to create realistic images. As light rays interact with objects and surfaces in a virtual scene, it calculates how they would behave if they actually were in the real world by tracing their path as they interact with the objects and surfaces in a virtual scene. In other words, this allows you to create reflections, refractions, shadows, and other lighting effects that are accurate and realistic. By creating images based on the actual physical behavior of light, ray tracing can create images that are visually more convincing and lifelike than other rendering techniques, making it a popular choice in fields such as animation, video games, and product design.

There has been a lot of effort put into improving Snapchat’s technology in the shopping Lens creation area, because in 2022, more than 250 million Snapchat users are expected to interact with its AR Shopping Lenses for more than 5 billion times. The introduction of ray tracing technology to its app could also help the company better compete with larger social media companies, such as Instagram and Messenger. Additionally, Snap has recently partnered with Amazon for its augmented reality-powered Virtual Try-On shopping experience, starting with eyewear but with plans to expand into other categories in the months ahead. With these new AR improvements, Lenses featuring AR diamond jewelry, clothing, and much more can now reach ultra-realistic quality, making the shopping experience personal, accessible, and fun for Snapchatters worldwide.

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