In China, Xiaomi has released another MIJIA air conditioning unit that has excellent power consumption ratings compared to its predecessors. In addition, the MIJIA Air Conditioner 3HP Gold Edition is capable of saving a substantial amount of electricity every year at a rate of 489kWh. With its simple design, it joins the list of MIJIA air conditioners that have been a success in the Chinese market for a number of years.

The Xiaomi MIJIA air conditioner has been redesigned with a gold-plated finish and now offers a suspended fuselage structure. In terms of the design of the exterior, the air conditioner maintains the simple but flexible setup from previous iterations. It is a touch of class that can be seen in the air conditioner due to its gold-plated design. There are intelligent controls on the air conditioner as well as access to the MIJIA smart home ecosystem as a part of the package. In addition to making adjustments through the smartphone app, Xiaoai voice commands can also be utilized for this purpose. This enables convenient integration of the air conditioner with lamps, door locks, vacuum robots, and other smart gadgets in the house.

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The MIJIA Air Conditioner 3HP Gold Edition comes with a full DC frequency conversion system that maximizes the cooling efficiency. With a diameter of 102 mm, it is capable of cooling or heating 1050 square meters of air every hour with an air volume of 102 mm. With an APF value as high as 3.91, this device complies with the Level 2 energy efficiency standard. As a result, you will save approximately 489 kWh in power per year on average, which translates into massive power savings. There is also a wind mode that is more effective than the current level 3 air conditioners in the new air conditioner. There is also a canopy wind mode, a carpet wind mode, and a surround wind mode that are supported. It can adopt the most suitable effect even in extreme situations of cold winds or warm winds.

MIJIA’s 3HP Gold Edition air conditioner has dual-control technology that can be used to adjust temperature and humidity at the same time. Currently, the air conditioner is being retailed in the Chinese market at a price of 3,999 yuan ($575) at launch time. As soon as the launch period is over, the air conditioner will return to its original price of 4,299 yuan ($618).


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