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The first internet car RX5 is launched collectively by Alibaba and SAIC. With the

announcement of the first internet car, Alibaba officially makes another smart

move in the automobile space. They have come forward with SAIC, which is one

of China’s big four state-owned auto companies.

The RX5 is available for preorders now, and it will be delivered in August 2016.

The price is going to be $22,300.

Alibaba and SAIC are working together since two years developing sports

vehicles putting forward equal amounts of $160 million. They are also working

on a new version of Alibaba’s Yun operating system. This operating system

enables the car to connect to the internet services.

The RX5 has got three LED screens and enough space for almost four 360 degree

cameras to record videos and take photos. You can also take selfies in the car. It

has got a system for voice controls along with intelligent mapping system.

According to the company, the car will operate without a GPS and WiFi.

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