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  • Android Nougat offers a split­screen feature,enabling users to toggle between
    apps more easily.
    ● Enable its users to encrypt specifically chosen files,rather than the whole phone.
    ● Devices with jelly bean and above,will be able to run apps without actually
    installing them on their device.
    ● Launcher shortcuts will let users create custom shortcuts to specific features in
    certain applications. This could, for example, be a shortcut to message a
    particular contact or to access a specific folder in an email inbox.
    ● Better graphic performance and improved battery saving,by letting the users
    reduce the quality of images and video streams.
    ● Android Nougat will have a support for unicode 9,bringing users new emojis with
    more human like faces and a variety of skin tones.
    ● DayDream,Google’s virtual reality platform is also included.
    ● Users will be able to reply directly from notifications.
    ● Android nougat will be offering ‘Doze Mode’,which will help in saving battery
    life,by closing down all background apps once you stop using your smartphone.
    ● “Project Tango” w hich is expected to bring 3D location mapping to gaming and
    augmented reality on your Android phone.

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