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APBF Applauds Iran’s Participation in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project

All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) has applauded an important development in China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. President APBF- Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi while talking to media said that “It is highly appreciable development in the CPEC project. The inclusion of Iran in a mega project will surely benefit both Pakistan and Iran.” He further highlighted the importance of border security collaboration stating that “Partnership with Iran will facilitate Pakistan ensuring its border security in the west. And building ties in rails and road network with mutual collaboration will stand a key for the improved bilateral relationship that in turn will expand in all the aspects be it trade, business, political or cultural relations.”

It was discussed in the Pak-Iran Joint Working Group and Technical Committee on Trade meeting in August that Iran and Pakistan are on the same lines regarding CPEC project. Also, Iran said that it is not against the Pakistan China Economic corridor project Moreover, both the countries agreed to materialize a preferential trade agreement to enhance mutual trade relations.

In near future, international sanctions are going to be lifted that were imposed in the wake of controversies about the Iranian nuclear program. With the removal of sanctions, Iran will surely make a great come back in the regional as well as international market, especially in terms of oil and gas exports. CPEC project is an excellent opportunity for Iran in this regard to expanding its reach deep into the region. While on the other hand, Pakistan will also gain benefits from the oil rich state.

Mr. Ibrahim Qureshi also expressed determination to contribute with best to engage business communities across borders. He reiterated that “Success of CPEC relies on the deep collaborations of business communities across the borders. APBF will bring in all its resource and efforts to engage vital resourceful organizations and entrepreneurs, to create new opportunities and mutual benefits through shared values and wisdom. And with Iranian business community, there are numerous opportunities and the larger scope for business and mutual development.”

The All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) is a vibrant business association which promotes and protects the interests of the business community and industry. It also suggests and advises the Government sector, regarding policy formulation, regulatory realignments and implementation in the commercial and industrial sectors of the economy. APBF has been consistently playing a positive role in the elevation of standards and facilitation of business activity in Pakistan.

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